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update on the wicked witch of the west: google

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well, i decided to click on my gmail tab to see if i got mail back. i was floord when it came up. i immediately did a test mail, and it went through. i thought oh goody, this cockamainy bullshit is over.

lo and behold, i can’t post to G+, but i can read my stream. i just can’t post. that got me to wonder what else did the witches G have up their skirts?

my blogs, on blogger, ARE ABSOLUTELY GONE. they weren’t gone before, i just couldn’t login to post. which prompted this blog.

so i redirected farpoint mail back to gmail from yahoo. and that seemed to work. so all i’ve got full access to is gmail. and if THAT disappears, i’ll permanently redirect mail back to yahoo and tell google they can shove it up their collective kunts.

again, what really pisses me off is that these basturds won’t say WHY. only that i must have violated their precious TOS.

there were no violations. i’m known by everybody i know as being Q. ok, the.Visitor is a pseudoname. but why wait until NOW to fuck with me on this ‘violation’??

i’ll give ’em 24 more hours to restore my shit, or i’ll leave and for good. and bad mouth G everywhere and every chance i get.

Written by quasara

07/17/2011 at 1502

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