Fields of Poopy Redux

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well, it just never stops, it seems. on 9/1, i travel with my driver and his mother to rochester mayo for her appt later in the afternoon. all is well, until we leave. the engine on the car was smoking. the heat light lit up. and frankly i wasn’t going to attempt to drive it back to mason shitty, and run the very liklihood of getting stranded out in the middle of NOwhere. so we took a hotel room. all is well, so far. i ran out of smokes. so i ‘snuck’ out to go get another pack. there was a superamerica across the street. all lit up like they were open for business. got to the door, and there was nobody around. not a single soul. so quick trip was just next door, kinda. so i was going to walk across the parking lot to QT and get my smokes, have one before i return to the non-smoking room.  all was still well.  until

as i cross the parking lot, i can kinda see something like a log crossing my pathy.  thiinking it was such a thing, when i went to step over it, i fell about 4′.  it was an embankment between superamerica (a 7-11-type store, and a business called precision signs.  i went to get up, and my leg just crumbled.  a very new feeling.  thank god i had my cell with me.  so i calld 911.  they were there in like 3 seconds.  impressive.  first the fire dept, then the paramedics.  then the police.  talk about community service.  the kicker was they were each hot hot.  but this isn’t that kinda post.

so i’m taken to st. mary’s hospital, where it was barely a week after getting discharged from having acute renal failure.  i mean, c’mON.  really.  and to think it all started because of sleepwalking.  it’s interesting how i can remember certain things, but not other things.  it’s almost as if i had an alternate personality.  to some, that would make more sense than sleepwalking.

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09/13/2011 at 2318

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